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What is ModelFest?

Since 1996, the annual meeting of the Optical Society of America has hosted a symposium entitled ModelFest. Conceived originally as a workshop in which those involved in the development of models of early human vision would demonstrate and discuss their work, it has more recently adopted as part of its program the establishment of a public, communal set of data. The purpose of the data set would be twofold: 1) to calibrate and 2) to test vision models. The data set was required to be large and varied enough to adequaltely serve both purposes. It was also hoped that the complete data set would be collected by a number of different labs, to enhance both the generality and accuracy of the data set. Thus the data set was constrained to be small enough that a large enough number of labs would volunteer. Acting through consensus, the informal group decided upon an inital effort (Phase 1) consisting of 44 two-dimensional monochromatic patterns confined to an area of approximately two by two degrees.

What is available at this site?

This site contains the complete collection of Phase 1 stimuli, the current data collection, a description of the standard ModelFest methods used for Phase 1, calibration details for the participating labs, a list of ModelFest publications, links to models and other software, and other related links.