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    Subject Journal Deadline Publication
    In Vivo Retinal Imaging Visual Neuroscience July 1 2015  
    The structure of visual working memory Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics Jul 1 2013 Winter, 2013
    Clinical Applications of Ultrahigh Resolution In-Vivo Retinal Imaging Journal of Ophthalmology Feb 3 2012
    Vision Science and Ophthalmic Optics Journal of Modern Optics Nov 1 2010
    The Role of Vision in Everyday Activities Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics Sep 1 2010
    Shape perception - recent results and models Seeing and Perceiving Sep 1 2010
    Ideal Observers and Efficiency JOSA A Feb 1
    Eye movements and the perception of a clear and stable visual world Journal of Vision Jan 15, 2008 Nov 2008
    Neuroimaging in Vision Science Journal of Vision Dec 15, 2007 Oct 2008
    Perceptual Organization and Neural Computation Journal of Vision Oct 1, 2007 May 2008
    Visual masking and the dynamics of human perception, cognition, and consciousness Advances in Cognitive Psychology Oct 2007
    Consciousness and Brain Neural Networks Jun 1, 2007
    Sensorimotor processing and goal-directed movement Journal of Vision Nov 1, 2006 May 2007
    Vision-related Quality of Life Optometry and Vision Science Oct 1, 2006
    Vision Science and Art Spatial Vision Jun 15, 2006 2007
    Crowding: Including illusory conjunctions, surround suppression, and attention Journal of Vision Jul 15, 2006 Nov, 2006
    Image Perception EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing Dec 1, 2005 2006
    Finding visual features: Using stochastic stimuli to discover internal representations Journal of Vision Sep 1, 2005 Feb 2006
    Perception of Color and Material Properties in Complex Scenes Journal of Vision March 1, 2004 Sep 2004
    Optics in Vision Journal of Vision Oct 01 2003 Feb 2004
    Linking eye movements and perception Journal of Vision May 02 2003 Oct 2003
    Visual Search Spatial Vision Jun 01 2003
    Bayesian and statistical approaches to vision JOSA A Oct 01 2002 Summer 2003
    Vision & Color - Papers from the the UCI/OSA Meeting Journal of Vision Feb 15 2001 May 2002
    Induced Failures of Visual Awareness Journal of Vision Mar 01 2002 Aug 2002
    Classification Images Journal of Vision Aug 01 2001 Dec 2001
    Imaging in Bioinformatics Journal of Real Time Imaging Jul 2001 Apr 2001
    Aging of the Human Visual System JOSA A Feb 1 2001
    Vision and the Aging Eye Optometry and Vision Science Aug 1 2000
    Second-order visual mechanisms J. Optical Society of America Dec 1 2000

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